Our Mission

JUST is a nonprofit financial platform working to close the racial wealth gap by investing in ambitious Texas women through capital, peer coaching & community.

Loans to 1,600+ women

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Invested in dreams

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of our community has established an emergency fund

What Makes Us Different

Co-Designed Products

We conduct design workshops in collaboration with our members to make sure our financial products meet their specific needs and desires.

Personal growth catalyst

We encourage women to visualize their dreams and guide them through a unique journey of peer-coaching that takes them closer to where they want to be.


Our community is led by the women we serve — 40% of our full-time staff uses JUST financial products and 100% have participated in facilitated peer coaching activities.

Our Vision

Our ultimate vision? A just Texas.

Three out of every four Texans living in poverty are Hispanic or Black. Our mission is to close the racial wealth gap through our work, and we do not plan to rest until every person living in the Lone Star State has the opportunity to live with less stress and more joy.

Important Statistics

This Is Our Story

Our Partners

Bank Action Committee

JUST is joining forces with Texas banks committed to building a more just state.

Where We Are
And Where We Are Going