More Than Money

Capital, peer coaching and community –
all of our financial products are based on these three elements.


We offer personal and business loans that will help you strengthen your finances.


Join a supportive community of 800+ ambitious women and counting.


Learn from women like you through our private online community and virtual events.


Our promise. Your commitment.

Business Loan

Business Loan

For aspiring women looking to start or grow a business alongside other ambitious women. Loan amounts range from $750 to $5,000. Participants meet with their groups on a weekly basis to support each others goals.

Personal Loan

Personal Loan

For the woman who wants to be prepared for anything life throws her way. Perfect for emergencies and unexpected expenses. The first loan is $1,000 and gives you access to our private online community and personal development tools.

Business Loan

Our loans are designed for you to succeed, not maximize our profits.

We are a non-profit financial platform, which means
What to expect


Every group is led by a JETA (Just Entrepreneur Trust Agent).

Our JETAs have access to bigger loan increments and growth opportunities.

They complete a leadership program to obtain this role.

JETAs are the pillars of our community

The power of community, the support, it is all priceless. Everyone inspires me to believe and fight for my dreams.

Yolanda Santana

Personal Loan

Financial support for any occasion. Less stress, more joy.

How it works
What to expect

Sometimes we think we don’t earn enough money to save, but that is not true. JUST helped me start my emergency fund and that is what helped me stay afloat when the pandemic hit.

Yisel Guerrero

For you, by you. Led by women from your community

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