Invested $21,750 in her business
Invited 8 women into JUST


16521 Fagerquist Rd #20
Del valle Texas 78617
(512) 317-1144
Facebook page: Abby’s bounce around


Maria Guadalupe Leon

Event Decorations and Rentals

Joined in 2017

About Maria Guadalupe Leon

My name is Lupita Leon. I started my business because of my son Juan’s graduation. My dream is to have a place for events at an affordable price. From each event I have been able to add more inventory. With the support of JUST I have grown as a human being because it has taught me punctuality and to set goals not only dreams, it has taught me to save and have vision for the future with every loan it has helped me to grow. My partner and my children *are my physical strength* they support me to make my job easier. I love to decorate every event as if it were my own party, every wedding and birthday so I do my best with your budget.

About Maria Guadalupe Leon’s Business

I provide decorations for events, rental of tables, chairs, table linens, tents and inflatables. I do my best with your budget. My clients recommend me for always helping as much as I can to make their dream come true. You can call me 512-317-1144 and also by WhatsApp.