Invested $26,650 in her business
Invited 13 women into JUST


611 Great Britain Blvd
Austin, Texas 78748
(512) 576-0331


Yolanda Martinez

Seam alterations in Austin, Texas

Joined in 2016

About Yolanda Martinez

Hello, my name is Yolanda. I am a mother and grandmother, and I have a small sewing business. I never imagined that I could have one but meeting JUST was something wonderful and thanks to that I started my business. I used to sell fine costume jewelry, but I always had to invest and invest, and I didn’t have many profits or good sales because I don’t like sales. I felt sad because I don’t know how to sell, so as I said I met JUST and listened to the experiences of so many women with good results in their businesses, how they turned their dreams into reality, and, of course, the loans that JUST give us started this beautiful dream. For now, I have a small space in my house to use as a sewing workshop where my dreams and many plans are. I specialize in the arrangement of wedding and party dresses, but without neglecting other types of arrangements.

About Yolanda’s business

Id green juice officia pop-up marfa minim cupidatat craft beer franzen XOXO consequat. Magna microdosing bushwick, wayfarers tattooed officia celiac lyft. Man bun forage taiyaki I am Yolanda Martinez. My job consists of mending clothes. My first work experience was a dress for a bride. The dress was so beautiful that the bride has recommended me to more people and friends to mend her clothes. Currently, I also give sewing classes to several ladies.