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Healthy nails


Angelica Sanchez

Preventative clinical pedicure, manicure, specialized care for ingrown toenail problems and foot health treatments

Joined in 2018

About Angelica Sanchez

My name is Angelica Sanchez and I am the founder of Healthy Nails where we are a solution to all your foot health problems. This started 13 years ago when I arrived to the city of Austin Texas and I realized how necessary this service was in our community.  The service of a preventive clinical pedicure is rare and this service is very different from a beauty salon.

I studied Podiatry in Mexico and I learned how important it is to keep your feet clean and healthy through a preventive clinical pedicure service. With this type of cleaning we can avoid many health problems and stress in our feet such as ingrown toenails, toenail fungus, toenail decay, athlete’s foot, deformities in your toes and more. Seeing the effects of bad footwear coupled with a long and heavy work schedule is why I decided to form this business.  JUST has been a part of my growth with investment and guidance! Along the way there was someone else besides JUST who believed in me: my daughter.  My daughter has now joined me in our business and together we are a great team! Thanks to this great support from JUST financially and my daughter in customer service and administration, we can continue to provide health and comfort to your feet.  We continue to grow and provide health for all.  I want to thank everyone for believing in me.

About Angelica Sanchez‘s Business

The service I provide is preventive clinical pedicure.  This service is very different from a beauty salon.  Here we are focused on the care and health of your feet I am a specialist in the service of ingrown toenails and treatments for the health of the feet.