Invested $18,000 in her business
Invited 6 women women into JUST


6400 S. Meadows blvd Austin Tx 78745
Facebook page: Piñatas de la Tía Mary


María de Jesús Coronado

Piñatas, video and photography

Joined in 2019

About María de Jesús Coronado

I started my business because I would make piñatas and events for my nieces and nephews on holidays so they could have fun and have a good time! That’s where the name Aunt Mary’s piñatas comes from. Without any money, I wanted to give them nice memories of those nice moments with their Aunt Mary.  Now, I help others create those nice memories too!

About María de Jesús Coronado‘s Business

I treat children and adults the way I would like to be treated. I like to be a punctual and responsible person when doing and delivering my jobs.