Invested $20000 in her business
Invited 10 women into JUST


9600 Brown ln Austin
Tx 78754
Technical Artistic nails


Monica Corona

Acrylic nails, gel nails, pedicure, manicure, facials, etc. in Austin, Texas

Joined in 2016

About Monica Corona

My name is Monica and I started in the world of beauty almost by accident. My oldest daughter is fascinated by acrylic nails and we could never find nail techniques that had a diversity of designs, and searching I found a school, and being there I realized that I love to provide these services. I love the design aspects and thanks to God and Just I have been able to begin my small business that in the future I dream it will be a beautiful salon 💞.

About Monica’s business

I offer home services by appointment. If you love to look at your hands and feet to feel good you know who to call. I’m at your service, my clients are happy with the services provided more specifically the designs, you can send me a text message or email if you like to pamper yourself 💞.