Personal Loan Tanda Onboarding

1. How to create a Group:

2. How to accept an invitation:

3. Upload your ID documents:

4. How to complete the survey and signature:

5. How to make your payments



A versatile loan that you can use for anything. It is perfect for emergency situations or unforeseen expenses. The loan can be between $500 – $1,000 and includes a personal development course.

Like all JUST loans, it requires two participants.

  • If you are an existing client, current JUST loans must be in good standing and you must have an identified trusted partner.
  • If you are not a JUST client, you need an invitation from an existing client

Applications are processed weekly and close on Friday of each week. If your application is completed and approved on Friday EOD, your loan schedule begins the following Wednesday.

#1 receives funds
#10 start making payments

This loan has no interest but the cost is $5 for the participant who receives in the tenth week and $20 for the participant who receives in the first week. The cost will be deducted when you receive your loan.

Weekly payments are $100 for 10 weeks, every Wednesday.

JUST uses a platform to give you access to make your payment with cash in different stores such as CVS, credit card or bank account. You will have access to the platform from your portal the day before your first payment.

You can make a payment for more than what is owed, but this will not affect the determined time of your personal loan, including disbursement and renewal.